Saturday, August 9, 2008

Google is so Cool...

During a search I saw google's new header and it reminded me of the cycling that I've been doing lately. A while ago I blogged about riding my bike to work. Since then, I upgraded bikes (I'll post pictures soon) and have been riding fairly consistenly. It's a fun way to exercise and I'm suprised how fast you can get going on a bike (so far my high is 40.7 mph)

To give a quick update on life, Holly and I got everything moved to Vegas and are adjusting to everything except the heat. I'll post pictures of the apartment, area and life in general as soon as I get a chance to take them.

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claire said...

Hiya, Russ. Remember me? Think freshman year at BYU, hanging out with Kelsey, Lisa, Moses, etc., your mission farewell, and probably more that I've forgotten. Anyway, I found your blog through Kelsey's blog and thought I'd say hi. You're an excellent photographer. Is that what you studied and do for a living? Hope you're doing well and go Mariners. :)