Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fire on the Mountain

Holly and I have been up at her parents house in Brigham City this weekend. While watching the end of a football game Saturday night a lightening storm started. Cool those are always fun... until the mountain side catches on fire less than a mile from the house!! It started small but the wind picked up and it started to move fast, but at least it was going away from the house. Seeing this as a great photo opportunity I grabbed my camera and started to follow it. I got within about 100 yards from the fire and was able to get some decent shots. I found the exposures difficult to nail considering the conditions. The wind soon changed directions and the fire wanted my spot so I decided it was probably a good time to run down the hill and back to the house. On the way towards the barricade (I guess by getting to the fire by going along the canal I had gotten in an area I wasn't supposed to be...ooops) a newspaper editor was trying to take pictures. She asked if they could use some of mine so we'll see, I may get some pictures published from this whole affair. In the end Holly's parents house is safe and the fire was finally controlled and put out.

Update: Ok, so after getting these home and looking at them on a better monitor I realized that unfortunately they weren't as good as I'd hoped. I think the slower shutter speeds combined with the longer focal lengths (and probably the whole situation) caused for blurrier photos than I would've liked. Oh well, I'll know to bring a tripod next time.

The view from across the street behind the neighbor's house.

Up with the firefighters where they are setting up their fire line.

Taken just before the wind shifted and I had to run outta there.

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Tiffany said...

good job sacrificing yourself in order to get some amazing pictures! :)