Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend at the Movies

This weekend I had to make a trade. In order to go see the Dark Knight with Holly and her Mom, I had to go see Momma Mia the next day. It's a good thing the Dark Knight was AMAZING because Momma Mia was horrible. I would only recommend it to those who are heavily sedated or if you love choreographed dancing and singing to ABBA songs. (I didn't fall into either of those categories).

Back to the good part of the trade, the Dark Knight has got to be one of the best movies of the year.
I thought it would be tough to top Ironman but it easily surpassed it. Heath Ledger did an awesome job (I was worried when they cast him...Brokeback Batman???) and gave a very good psycopathic spin on the Joker. All of Batman's gadgets were up to par and I thought the movie was well written and very well directed.

There's already rumors for a third. If they consulted me I'd have them bring in the Penguin and the Riddler for the villians. I'm thinking they should get Johnny Depp (he was rumored for the Joker's role but after Ledger's performance I think they made the right choice) to be the Riddler but I've had a hard time coming up with a good Penguin. Most actors who fit into the "short and fat" category are comedians making them a hard sell for a serious villian. Nevertheless, I think a deranged and dark Jason Alexander could be a good fit if it's not too much of a stretch. I'm sure whoever they get and whatever they decide to do it'll be on par with the first two and make for another awesome movie.


Ryonin said...

I think Jennie and I are going to see this movie on the weekend. Looks pretty awesome I must say. Although I gotta tell you, if presented with that choice I woulda said, "You guys can go see Mamma crappy Mia and I'll go see the Dark Knight on my own." Holla! :)

Russ Jensen said...

"I would like to clarify that Holly and her mother absolutely abhorred the Mamma Mia movie; however, the one highlight was watching Russ squirm as he sunk lower and lower in his seat, hands shielding his eyes from the abomination before"-Holly